Namibian Citizenship by Descent : 


Certificate of Registration for Namibian Citizenship by Descent

(In terms of Section 2 of the Namibian Citizenship Act, 1990)(Act 14 of 1990)

*Please Note that dual citizenship is not permitted by Namibia’s constitution;


Application for Namibian Citizenship



・Duly filled application form

・Birth Certificate of the child *Certified Copy

・Passport of the child (If there is) *Certified Copy

・IDs of the child's parents *Certified Copy

・Passport copies of the child's parents  *Certified Copy

Full Birth Certificates of the child's parents *Certified Copy

*Kindly note that Embassy of the Republic of Namibia will accept ONLY the exact amount of the cash for any Visa or Consular Fees.

・Self-addressed and telephone number, pre-paid airway bill on a envelope (should have a tracking no.) with a Commercial Invoice(if the delivery company requires)  for the return of the citizenship certificate and the receipt of the citizenship fee.