Visa & Consular Matter

The Embassy Assists

  • Namibian Citizens living in Japan who require services such as applications for identity documents, passports, registration of births, getting copies of marriage certificate/birth certificates from Namibia. It also attends to welfare matters within its jurisdictional confines.
  • Foreign nationals wishing to visit Namibia temporary within 90 days.
    *Japanese nationals who are planning to visit Namibia for tourism, diplomatic, official purpose will be required to apply for visa in the near future as per the attached the Media Release-24 May 2024. Inquiry should be directed to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety And Security : TEL: +26481 951 0128/ +26481 951 0186.
Consular Services – Opening Hours
Holiday Information:
  • The Consulate does not issue a visa from 28th May to 4th June 2024. So please note that a visa application to the Embassy is accepted a visa application only for the express service by 28th May 2024 for May 2024.
  • The Consulate does not open during Japanese and Namibian Public Holidays.
  • For submission of the application, please make sure to make an appointment with the Embassy in advance via telephone(03-6426-5460) or email( the subject, please write "Visa Appointment" and state contact telephone number as well.

    COPVID' 19, Yellow Fever, etc.,
    ****Please refer to Namibia Tourism Board for the updated information/measures regarding COVID 19, Yellow Fever, etc.,
  • Pulbic Notice Aug 2022