Visa & Consular Matter

The Embassy Assists

  • Namibian Citizens living in Japan who require services such as applications for identity documents, passports, registration of births, getting copies of marriage certificate/birth certificates from Namibia. It also attends to welfare matters within its jurisdictional confines.
  • Foreign nationals wishing to visit Namibia temporary within 90 days.
    *Japanese nationals are not required tourist Visa to Namibia if staying less than 90 days for sightseeing.
Consular Services – Opening Hours
Holiday Information:
  • The Consulate does not issue a visa from 23th Apr to 6th May 2024 and close from 29th Apr to 6th May in 2024. So please note that a visa application to the Embassy is accepted a visa application only for the express service on 22nd April 2024.
  • The Consulate does not open during Japanese and Namibian Public Holidays.
  • For submission of the application, please make sure to make an appointment with the Embassy in advance via telephone(03-6426-5460) or email( the subject, please write "Visa Appointment" and state contact telephone number as well.

    COPVID' 19, Yellow Fever, etc.,
    ****Please refer to Namibia Tourism Board for the updated information/measures regarding COVID 19, Yellow Fever, etc.,
  • Pulbic Notice Aug 2022