Application for New Passport & Renewal

All applications must be made in person, without exception.

Please read the list of requirements carefully. REQUIREMENTS FOR A NEW NAMIBIAN PASSPORT
  • Duly filled-in application form. (Forms are only available at the High Commission.)
  • Two colour passport-size photos, signed by the Applicant on the back..
  • Your current passport. (This will be returned to the applicant.)
  • A good quality photocopy of the personal page of your current passport.
  • A good quality photocopy of your Namibian Birth Certificate.
  • A good quality photocopy of both sides of your Namibian Identity Document (ID).
  • A good quality photocopy of your Namibian Citizenship Certificate (if applicant was born outside Namibia).
  • A good quality photocopy of your Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
  • If your passport is lost or stolen, you must report this to your local police. You should obtain a document from them to say that the passport has been reported missing, and submit this document when you apply for a new passport.

Fees for Passport Renewal

The standard Application Fee is £20.00.  If the passport is damaged, or lost, or will expire in less than a month, the fee is £40.00. All applicants must deposit the appropriate fee at the Bank Account of the High Commission, before submitting their Application.  They should submit the bank receipt with their Application Form. The details of the Bank Account for Visa and Consular Fees are as follows: Account Name: Namibia High Commission Bank Name: Barclays Bank Account No.: 00473545 Sort Code: 20-36-47 NOTE: All applicants older than 16 years are required to sign their applications. There is no online form available to download.