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Namibian Cuisine & Seminar at JICA Global Plaza in Nov. ’19

JICAEvent at JICA Global Plaza

Monthly Display - Namibian at JICA Global Plaza


  1. Cuisine

Namibia Cuisine Menu on 2F at JICA GLOBAL PLAZA

11/5(Mon)~11/9(Sat)・・・Namibian Beef Stew

11/11(Mon)~11/16(Sat)・・・Grilled Fish with Spinach Stew

11/18(Mon)~11/23(Sat)・・・Beef Steak with Namibian Tomato Sauce

11/25(Mon)~11/30(Sat)・・・Namibian Beef Stew



  1. Seminar on 2F at JICA GLOBAL PLAZA

Date: 29th November (Plan)

Time: 18:00pm   Open Door

       18:30pm  Official Opening(Speech by the Ambassador)

      ・・・Screening of the movies


      20:00pm   End of the event


*Admission Free


TEL: 0120-767278

Registration :https://www.jica.go.jp/hiroba/

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