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Unam students to discuss challenges

The Student Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Namibia (Unam), through the office of the secretary for external affairs, in conjunction with the Office of Dean of Students (ODS), is hosting an International Students’ Day event today.

The main aim of the event is for foreign students currently enrolled at the university to discuss challenges they face in their studies. The up to 700 international students at Unam are requested to attend the event to air out their views.

The event takes place at the Gym Hall as from 14h00.
Unam SRC secretary for external affairs Joseph Kalimbwe says, despite facing regular challenges at the university they only discuss these at International Students’ Day.

“I believe this event will also help to offer broader solutions to the challenges faced by these students, and most importantly, inform them about issues such as student security, visas and study permits; also about having to pay a lot of money to register, a challenge most students – including Namibians – have been facing at the university,” says Kalimbwe.

He adds that it is commonly understood that foreign students need to pay more as the Namibian government cannot pay for them, because it is the responsibility of their sponsors to do so.

The event will be beneficial to the students, as it will inform them about the academic requirements and how the university can assist them to reach their goals in their studies, especially the ultimate goal of donning their graduation attire at Safari Hotel.

“Before anything else, I’m a Unam student. Therefore, just like it has been in the past, this day can be been an eye-opener to the management to get to hear the challenges faced by students,” Kalimbwe emphasises.